Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The English Journey

21 May 2013 (Tues):

Lionel has not done well for the mid term English Revision Paper. Clearly, his grades has slipped & from the looks of it, it was mostly due to careless mistakes & sloppy work. He did not checked through his work properly and countless reminders have been put through a deaf ear. The words were there for him to see & yet he can spell & write wrongly.

But he did well for his PERI Holistic Assessment for Term 2.

Daddy gave him a stern warning & that he take heed of what had been told to him. Otherwise....

You see, the word clearly indicated insects & Lionel can spell insect. Marks deducted. Yes, the teacher was strict on this.

The sentence already indicated just now... and yet Lionel can answer it as holds instead of held.

I am surprised Lionel does not know how to spell the words attention & only...?

His comprehension is very poor. When i asked him if he understood the passage, he said yes & yet, this was the kind of answers he gave... haiz.

** Self reminder: to get Lionel more comprehension passages for him to practice on

And yes, he can even spell the word balloon wrongly. *shake head*

I asked his what is the past tense of shake, he told me shook. And yet he can write shaked????

PERI Holistic Assessment for Term 2.

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